Un libro di pietra – Il Duomo di Modena

Curated by Beppe Zagaglia
Words by Orianna Baracchi, Giordana Trovabene,
mons. Guido Vigarani – Pictures by Beppe Zagaglia

  • 96 pages • 97 pictures
  • 24×30 cm
  • The book is bilingual: Italian / English
  • ISBN 88-7792-051-3


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A book of art, sensations, mysticism. Beppe Zagaglia‘s photographs, in which the atmosphere envelops the reader, changes over time and prevails over the image. An art book with texts by Giordana Trovabene: “A book of stone”; Orianna Baracchi “Inside the cathedral: in past centuries, yesterday, today”, “Tower of San Geminiano called Ghirlandina”; Msgr. Guido Vigarani: “Notes for a history of the Modena Cathedral”.