Modena Football Club 1912-2012

Edited by Filippo De Rienzo, Gilberto Guerra, Alessandro Simonini

Testi di Fabio Barbati, Filippo De Rienzo, Giuliano Dini, Rossano Donnini, Gilberto Guerra, Fabio Marri

  • 416 + 304 pages
  • 3331 colour images
  • Size 24×34 cm
  • Paperback (2 volumes in slipcase)



The work consists of two volumes (totalling 720 pages) and a case.

The first volume retraces chronologically the history of this company, with the charts of all official club competitions.

In addition to championships, the book covers all official tournaments which Modena F.C. took part in. It also includes the main international competitions the yellow team played, as well as the Coppa d’Oro.

The second volume covers all the key players of the yellow-blue team over a century: over 1,000 players (who played one official competition at least), coaches, presidents, team managers and all the key figures who joined the team, with complete personal details.

The work is characterized and enhanced by an impressive iconographic apparatus, with many unpublished photos that give prominence to all the most important events herein described.