BIZZARRINI – The last romantic constructor

Edited by Daniele Buzzonetti

  • 240 pages
  • Colour and b/w illustrations
  • Format: 23,6×28.3 cm
  • Matt paper
  • hardcover dust jacket
  • Language: Italian / English


ISBN: 978-88-7792-197-0 Categories: ,


Preface by Giampaolo Dallara and Mauro Forghieri

Giotto Bizzarrini, engineer from Livorno, was born in 1926. Personal note number one: in 1964 he designed and built the Bizzarrini Grifo 5300 GT, a supercar before its time, in small series, and of indescribable fascination and appeal. This chapter of his long working life would be sufficient for a study in itself, full of incredible stories, testimonies and exciting photographs. All this however is part of the book “Bizzarrini”, which offers much more. The Italian engineering genius, with a creative and genuine character, has actually linked his name to an infinity of projects that have gone down in history. Giotto is the creator of the Ferrari 250 GTO, probably the most celebrated car of all time.
He himself tells how the famous model was born, in a “top secret” department of Ferrari, helped by the mechanic Prampolini and the tinsmith Agnani.

After five years at Ferrari, he worked independently, always with important and attractive projects. In order: a 12-cylinder engine for Lamborghini, collaboration with Scuderia Serenissima (on the creation of the “anti-Ferrari GTO”, the famous berlinetta called the “Breadvan” due to its unusual line), projects for Iso Rivolta (top-level GT car) and for ASA (the famous “Ferrarina”) and the creation of the Bizzarrini brand, which was also involved in high-level racing. After the closure of his company (an excellent technician, he was not cut out for economic aspects, but this is a story within a story), he continued to work on major projects, until 2006. When he turned 80 he retired from the scene.

The book (full of photographic documents but also of “current” images, relating to perfectly restored or preserved cars) tells the entire story of Giotto Bizzarrini, with the testimonies of those who worked with him.

A fitting tribute to a great Italian genius.


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