Enzo e Laura Ferrari

The story of two great patients

By Cesare Carani 

  • 136 pages
  • Colour and b/w illustrations
  • Format: cm 17×24 cm
  • Paper: matt
  • bookbinding: sewn binding
  • Text: Italian/English



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Everything and more has been written about Enzo Ferrari, the man behind the most famous team in the world and the builder of fascinating grand touring cars. But what exactly was Enzo Ferrari like once the door of his home was closed? What relationship did he have with his wife Laura? What were his household habits? From the mid-1970s, until their death, Professor Cesare Carani, a clinician at the University of Modena, constantly followed Enzo and Laura Ferrari. In particular, Enzo Ferrari insisted on a check-up at his home, every day, including holidays, early in the morning and in the evening, before dinner.

This unusual regular attendance (Ferrari died at the age of 90) led to a relationship that went beyond that of the one between doctor and patient. Here can be found a different and surprising Ferrari, described for the first time by Professor Carani, one of the very few people to have crossed the door of his Largo Garibaldi home in Modena countless times.