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Pagani Hypercars D’autore

Pagani, when a fairy tale has a happy ending

At the beginning of the 1970s, a little boy who lived in a town in the Argentine Pampas dreamed of being able to move to the Emilian Motor Valley to design cars on a par with Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini.

The book tells the story of Horacio Pagani, from the time when he made model cars in balsa wood, to his triumphal entry among the great car manufacturers of the Motor Valley. From the Zonda to the Huayra, two dream supercars with extremely high performance. Here he tells us about his latest project, the Huayra R, a pure unconditional sports car!


In 2008 we were working on the Huayra project, a very challenging and demanding project from an engineering and stylistic point of view. After so many years, I felt an overwhelming desire for freedom, and that’s how the Zonda R came about, a track car free from constraints and regulations. Beautiful, high-performing and safe. The Huayra R, just like the Zonda R, is the freest, most extreme and performance-oriented Pagani car of all time”: this is how Horacio Pagani summarized the characteristics of this special car, a concentration of the technology of the future road models of the San Cesario brand.

The result of an unprecedented project, not derived from a production model, the Huayra R adopts the new ‘Pagani V12-R’ engine, designed in collaboration with HWA AG, the company that collaborates with Mercedes-Benz for racing engines outside of Formula 1. It is a 6-litre naturally aspirated V12 unit that delivers 850 hp of power at 8250 rpm, corresponding to over 140 hp per litre of displacement, a value which – together with the red line of the rev counter, set at 9000 rpm – expresses the level of technology achieved, linked to the world of racing competition. Just as significant is the total weight of the Pagani V12 R, which is 198 kg, and the simplicity of management, with revision intervals scheduled every 10,000 km.”


Pagani Hypercars d’Autore – the book

In 320 pages, enriched by fascinating photographs, the book, created together with Horacio Pagani himself and with the support of representative figures of the San Cesario company, spans the entire life of the Italian Argentine technician, from when he was making balsa wood models of cars to his triumphal entry into the great manufacturers of Motor Valley.

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