The biographies of people who have achieved success in their entrepreneurial activities, whether famous or unknown to the public, are particularly appreciated by publishing companies, which favour their publication. Readers tend to be attracted by the personal stories of those who have reached a goal through their work and their ideas. Even more so if the subjects concern a company that has been operating for a number of years, one which has therefore passed down through generations.

Anyone has the right to have their biography published, including all those people who can tell an interesting personal story, even more so if the story relates to a commercial or industrial enterprise, or in any case to the world of work.


There are any number of reasons that can lead to the publication of an autobiography, starting with the need not to disperse personal or company memories, especially in the case of family businesses, but the story can also be indirect but concrete gratitude to close collaborators or employees of the company.

A book can also prove to be useful as a promotional tool for one’s business, especially if it is created with dual language (for example, Italian and English: on the same page to facilitate reading), a now common choice in the publishing sector.


The path that leads to the publication of a biography or a book related to one’s entrepreneurial activity, can however create a series of doubts due to the difficulties to be overcome – writing the text, finalizing the graphics and layout, going through the various checks and printing. And that’s not all, because a book must be distributed and sold according to specific rules and so the traditional presentation of a new editorial project requires professional support.
These ‘obstacles’ can be overcome with the experience and expertise of those who have a long tradition with books and printing.

Artioli Editore 1899 only needs a text to create a biography, a book dedicated to a company or even a specific brand. But even in this case, there is no shortage of support: the text can be processed by those directly present in the biography themselves (the businessman or woman) or by those who created the working activity, with control by a professional from the publishing sector. But the text can also arise from an interview or a chat with a journalist, or from simple notes and observations, to which an expert will give a well-defined form. There is always the possibility of accompanying the main story with testimonies or interventions by others, according to the choice of those who have decided to publish; in addition to a wide-ranging freedom regarding the topics to be discussed, which may concern personal events, or the specific product of a company, according to a technical in-depth analysis.


Likewise on the part of Artioli Editore 1899, the photos necessary for publication will be chosen; or, in the absence of such material, the photographic services necessary to complete the layout will be created.

The same Modena publishing company will accompany the client right until the completion of printing, sharing with him (even remotely) all the processing phases (layout, choice of characters and photos, characteristics of the cover, final printing, etc.), according to an organization that combines ‘haute couture’ with the utmost professionalism.
The result will be a book that fully reflects the aspirations of the author/client, which Artioli Editore 1899 will insert (after assigning the ISBN code) in its catalogue and will distribute in Italy and abroad as well as on all the online stores.

Some of our commissioned work: