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Lancia. 7 extraordinary stories

Artioli Editore 1899



di Daniele Buzzonetti

320 pagine
400 ill. a colori e b/n
Formato: dimensioni cm 25,3x29,6
Formato interno: cm 23,6x28,3
Carta: matt
Copertina: cartonata
Rilegatura: brossura in filo refe

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As a prominent expression of the highest Italian automobile traditions, in its over 110 years of history the Lancia brand has had its share of dazzling moments of glory and disastrous falls.

Along with a review of the succession of Lancia models in time, many of which include exclusive photographic services, this book offers an accurate analysis of all the events related to the brand, dedicating special attention to its most recent racing glory, exclusively commented by the famous sporting director Cesare Fiorio as well as the drivers Sandro Munari and Miki Biasion.

Brought to success by the great Vincenzo Lancia who died at the young age of 55, the Turin company was re-launched after World War II by his son, the engineer Gianni Lancia, with memorable models and victories in some of the world's most important races.

In gratitude, history has unjustly named him responsible for the company's crisis which, however, had other motivations. This is just one of the many novel-like events that dot the history of Lancia, a highly passionate brand, which has always been a topic of discussion.

Until the most recent facts, which the book summarises with an accurate analysis.


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Ottimo libro

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