About Us

Artioli Editore was founded in Modena in 1899 as a family-run artisan printing business and has operated in the publishing and printing world for the past 120 years with professionalism combined with a bespoke spirit, typical of Made in Italy.

Five generations of the Artioli family have followed one another at the helm of a company that is constantly evolving with the times. In its 120 years of history Artioli Editore has expanded its business in various areas, particularly in close collaboration with the most important companies in the area in the motoring (Ferrari, Maserati, Dallara, Lamborghini, Pagani, Ducati), economic and financial (banking institutions such as Bper Banca, Banco Bpm, Consorzio Cobapo) and artistic (Museums and Art Collections) sectors, as well as with local government bodies: the Municipality of Modena and the Emilia Romagna Region.

In 1964 Gian Paolo Artioli founded a side company (Arbe Industrie Grafiche), which was among the first Italian industries in the sector, maintaining from the very beginning a close collaboration with Edizioni Panini, for which Arbe produced for a long time the famous trading card stickers, known all over the world.

Pursuing a company policy based on constant technological innovation and the achievement of a high-quality standard, Arbe has entered the Italian market more and more incisively.

Having concluded this dual activity in 1997, Artioli Editore continued in the creation of prestigious publications for private clients, companies and large groups, at the same time supporting young authors who were followed on their debut.

An activity that has allowed Artioli Editore to achieve excellence in the sector, through the technical expertise and a recognized stylistic taste of workers and collaborators.

Today in a global market, in which the publishing and print trade giants dictate the rules, Artioli Editore is dedicated exclusively to the production of prestigious volumes, with the same craftsmanship of the past. All the while maintaining the same propensity for innovation, which has helped to keep a small publishing group, historical and niche, in step with the times thanks to service quality, operational flexibility, nationwide distribution and an online store, which has already brought to the world many small masterworks branded Artioli Editore 1899.